International Distributorship Application

Welcome perspective International Distributors!

A+ Bags is here to help you grow new business and expand your customer base. Through our International Distributor Program we can increase your product lines and open new avenues of commerce. The OVENHOT! Product line has been developed over 10 years and will be an asset to your company's growth and success.

About our Application Process & Program:

The International Distributorship Program has been designed for Retailers and Whole Sale Distributors outside of the continental United States. To qualify for this Program:

1: Established legitimate company outside the United States
2: Maintain Web Site, and or Wholesale Distributorship, Retail Store Front.
3: Provide adequate Shipping and Contact Information.
4: All information to be verified by our sales staff

How you will receive your product orders:

Products will be shipped VIA Terminal to Terminal. All delivery charges and transportation charges are the sole responsibility of the recipient/purchaser. Including but not limited to Handling Fee's, FOB Charges, Entry Fee's, Duties/Customs Fee's, Customs Bonds, and destination charges from the final terminal to physical location. The recipient/purchaser will be responsible for acquiring and arranging transport for final delivery of products from the receiving terminal to final destination. The Minimum Order is 1 CBM (CBM=1 Cubic Meter or 35.314 Cubic Feet, On average a 14m/45ft Container will hold approximately 67 CBM's). Shipping Rate is based on CBM's or Shipment Ton Weight, whichever is greater.

Payment Terms:

Direct Wire Transfer Only

Please review and provide the following information so we can process your application VIA Email, please click on link below:

programs@ovenhot.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

CONTACT FORM (Click Here.)

Application Information Required:

1: Company Name

2: Contact Name

3: Email Address

4: Web Site Address

5: Contact Phone Number

6: Physical Address, Geographic Location

7: Models interested in Stocking/Quantity

8: How did you hear about us?/ Questions and Comments,

9: How would you like to be contacted?

By providing A+ Bags with the following information we will be able to quote you accurately and quickly. If you have any questions concerning the status of your submitted application please email us or contact us by phone or fax.

sales@ovenhot.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

PHN: 612-805-0577

FAX: 763-544-9187

Final Notes:

This guide has been written simply as an overview and should not be viewed as doctrine. Further details and instructions about this program will be provided upon successful completion of your application.